Replacement PTAC/PTHP Series (Discontiued)

R10, R12, R20, R22, R25, R30, R35, R60


  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinets – G90U corrosion rating
  • Quiet, low speed evaporator (indoor) blowers; two speed on most models
  • All heat exchanger coils (condenser and evaporator) have high efficiency rifled-tubes
  • Condenser (outdoor) fan remains off when unit is in electric heat or vent mode, for energy savings
  • 208/230 volt standard, all models, 115 volt option on the 09 model, 265/277 volt option, all models
  • Positive condensate re-evaporation
  • Corrosion inhibiting, condenser pan coating, accessible for cleaning through removable covers
  • Standard 5 year compressor warranty on all units.


  • Electric heat 3,4 or 5KW on most units.
  • Hydronic heat (water or steam) for selected models
  • Replacement wall sleeves and indoor cabinets available as options to replace rusted, worn or damaged units
  • Remote thermostat option, most models
  • Dual voltage power option (emergency power systems)
  • Sea coast coated coils and pans options
  • Motorized fresh air damper option, with positive pressure seal and over-ride switch, most models
  • Time delay and program relays for energy management systems
  • Preset switch for cycling or continuous operation of evaporator fan

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