E-Verter Variable Speed Universal Ceiling-Suspended &/or Floor Mount Split System Air Handlers

This product has been archived and is no longer available.

UNHV (E-Verter)

EMI E-verter split systems include an inverter driven compressor system which modulates the amount of energy required to cool or heat selected spaces. This inverter feature saves energy and reduces operating costs while providing precise comfort control.


- Multiple drain pans are factory installed, no field modification required.

- Dry mode allows for dehumidification, with minimal chance in room temperature.

- Selectable filter indicator notifies occupant when cleaning is required.

- Easily configured for fresh air intake.

- Plastic filter grille standard, optional metal grille available.

- Condensate pump accessory includes integral safety switch with 48" (1.2 m) or 144" (3.6 m) available lift


- Electric Heat 
- Condensate Pump 
- Wall-Mounted Controller 
- Bi-Flow Filter Dryer 
- Line Sets 
- Merv 11 filter 
- Floor Mount Trim Kit 
- Metal Return Grille and Filter

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