• Ductless Condenser and air handler

Deluxe Heat Multi Zone Ductless Split Systems (Discontinued)

Our Deluxe Heat series is no longer available.

Deluxe Heat Series, heat pump ductless mini splits with inverter driven technology, offer year round cooling and heating comfort - ideal for residential and light commercial installations. 

The compressor continuously adjusts speed to match your comfort level, speeding up to quickly reach the desired room temperature and then slowing down to maintain the desired set point - far more efficient than single speed compressors, reducing your operating costs.


  • Intelligently heats and cools without wasting energy - good for your wallet and the environment.
  • Compressor continuously adjusts speed to match your desired comfort level - speeding up to quickly reach the desired room temperature and then slowing down to maintain the desired level.
  • Far more efficient than single speed compressors, inverter technology reduces your operating costs.
  • Reduces compressor on/off cycling, extending the life of compressor components.
  • The Inverter Turbo Mode is capable of boosting the cooling or heating output for brief periods by up to 115% of the rated capacity under certain conditions, allowing for rapid temperature adjustment.
  • Low Ambient Heating Operation with 100% Heating Capacity at 5°F
  • Low Ambient Cooling with Built-in Low Ambient Controls
  • Compressor Heating Belt
  • Condenser Chassis Heating Belt to Prevent Defrosting Water from Accumulating
  • Turbo Mode - Boosts Compressor Capacity for Rapid Cooling or Heating
  • Golden Fin Anti-corrosive Coating on the Condenser
  • Anti-cold Air Function
  • High Density Filter
  • ENERGY STAR® (on most models)
  • Automatically Detects Refrigerant Leaks
  • Compatible with after-market Wi-Fi® controllers


  • Hand-held Remote Controller - Every EMI System comes with an easy to use hand-held remote control so you can adjust your comfort level at the touch of a button.
  • Follow Me Technology - When the “Follow Me”mode is activated, the system switches from the air handler mounted room temperature sensor, to the sensor inside of the infrared hand-held remote control. By doing this, the unit conditions to the space where you are, with the remote close at hand.
  • Timer Modes - On a schedule? Control a variety of settings with precision through the Timer Mode and never worry about arriving to a cold home again. If the system stops due to a power outage, it will automatically restart to its last setting when the power comes back.
  • Auto Restart - If the system breaks off unexpectedly due to power failure, it will automatically restart with the previous function setting when power is restored.
  • Auto-Level Swing Louvers - The horizontal (long) discharge air louver blades can be adjusted to better circulate airflow for cooling or heating, which can be manually adjusted in 6° intervals or swing up or down automatically. Typically the blades raise during cooling and lower for heating.
  • 24-Hour Timer - Set a wide variety of timer-based operations, start and stop at specific times, control fan speed as well as cool, heat, and auto from anywhere in the room.
  • Optional Wired Wall Thermostat - Instead of a hand-held remote control, the unit can be wired to a wall mounted thermostat.

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